Gather Cafe & Coffee

Our friends, Mike and Hannah, are probably some of the best foodie friends a couple could ask for. So when they texted Friday night to see if we would like to join them the next morning for breakfast at a new place in Keller, we were game! Our friends had discovered Gather by accident, but it is no accident they've brought us on their 4th visit in 8 days. We pulled up around 9:15 and only a few people were there. But by 10 am, the place was filling up quickly.

With an open layout, yet cozy environment, lingering was easy after breakfast. They have the decor we like to see in a place like this: mismatched chairs, sturdy tables, and fun light fixtures. There is a very large side patio that would be great for parties, a private room in the rear, along with a large farm house table in the main room that are all reservable. 

Gather would be a great place to grab a meal, dessert or coffee/tea.  Studying or catching up with an old friend would definitely be something worth doing here. 

Samantha got the Avocado Toast & a Chia Latte! Brioche toast, tomato jam, avocado, goat cheese & two eggs over medium. With about 6 flavors coming together and making you want more, she scarfed her food down. Garrett got the bacon and eggs plate with a blueberry scone along with a glass of orange juice. Gather purchases all of their pastries from Stir Crazy in Fort Worth. Hannah also got the Avocado Toast and Mike got the French Toast with a side of eggs. While we are not coffee drinkers, Mike and Hannah are, and they really liked the house blend at Gather.

Even though it was breakfast time, Mike and Hannah ordered bread pudding with ice cream for all of us to share. We received a huge portion that was a great way to finish off a first visit to Gather. We can guarantee it will not be our last! Give it a try, and you just may see us there!


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