Welcome to a fun little side project of ours. We are Garrett and Samantha and we have been married almost 10 years. One of our favorite things to do is go out and try new restaurants. We live in an area with thousands of restaurants to experience, and so we made a choice 10 years ago to be adventurous and find fun, new places to eat. Our motto concerning restaurants: "Never eat at a mediocre restaurant twice!"

So, why did we decide to start this blog? Well, we have had numerous requests from friends, family and co-workers wanting to know where we have been eating lately. After creating lists on our phones and sharing them or trying to come up with suggestions off the top of our head, we decided to create this for easy access.

We will do our best to label and tag posts the best we can. You should be able to click on a tag and see other restaurants similar to the current review you are reading.

Leave us your thoughts if you visited one of the restaurants and what you thought. Our hope is that it would help others branch out and try new restaurants in and around the DFW area. Also, if you have a recommendation of a restaurant for us to visit, share that as well. We are always looking for new places to add to our list!

One note: this is a recommendation list of places we really enjoy. We are not going to be posting negative reviews of places. For things like that, we are sure you can find plenty of sources on the internet.


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